About Us

I personally have kept a file, of sorts, with information for my own family. As I am the caregiver for my aging mother and my father is also in his early 90’s we made all those arrangements and reviewed preneed plans to cover expenses a number of years ago. That process reminded me of my own file, which was extremely out of date! I’m truly thankful we did it 5 years ago; as my mother ages it’s become painfully aware how important it was to have completed those steps before I need it.

It was during that time I developed the “Things My Family Needs to Know” planning booklet to aid in recording all my own vital information. I wanted something simple and easy, that could be quickly updated, as information changes about as fast technology does; Things My Family Needs to Know was developed with that simplicity in mind.

Having completed the process I wanted to provide the same level of information to others in the same situation and at a reasonable enough cost anyone could afford it! My greatest wish is that your family can experience the peace of mind and benefits, of having everything in one place in “Things My Family Needs to Know” as much as I have.

Everyone should have something prepared should their family face a crisis or end of life situation. If you have another system in place, we are very pleased. If you don’t please, consider using “Things My Family Needs to Know” to provide the information your family needs today. I can guarantee they will thank you for it!

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