What is “Things My Family Needs to Know”?

“Things My Family Needs to Know” is an electronic record of all the things my family needs to know, which can be emailed, sent via file transfer or printed each time you need to update information.  Includes fill-in forms for; vital statistics, medical information, account numbers, insurance records, and much more.  Leave long term care instructions, detailed last wishes for family and friends or personal messages for specific people.  A 16 page planning booklet; a place to record all the Things My Family Needs to Know

Key Benefits?

  • Clarity in your wishes
  • Easy computer form fields
  • Update as often as needed
  • Print as often as you wish
  • Provide electronic copies

What is included?

  • Personal Vital Statistics
  • Military Information
  • Basic Genealogical Information
  • Medical Information
  • Financial & Insurance Information
  • Personal Property & Real Estate Information
  • On-line Accounts, Social Media & Passwords
  • Funeral Arrangement Information
  • Where to Find Your Important Documents
  • Last Wishes & Personal Messages for Special People

Can I see an example of the pages?

Here is a snapshot of a couple pages.  You can also download a couple of sample pages to look at in the menu on the right of your screen.



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