Is YOUR Family Prepared for a Crisis?

We Can Help You Prepare!


Things My Family Needs to Know is an electronic record of all the things my family needs to know. It can be updated as often as needed, emailed to a loved one, data file transferred, saved in a secure location of your choice or printed. This 16 page planning booklet will take the guess work out of what you might have meant by a handwritten side notation found somewhere in your important papers. You complete the electronic record of information via computer form blanks. Keep all your vital statistics, medical information, account numbers, insurance records and much much more, in one place!


Does your family know where all your important papers are kept? Make it easy for them, in the event of an emergency, by making it easy and accessible for them by recording it in Things My Family Needs to Know! Many people assume that their family knows your wishes or that someone in the family will take the dog; but Aunt Marge loved that pouch! And what happens once you’re gone does not always work out the way you envisioned. Be specific about the Things My Family Needs to Know; what to do with photo albums, old books and other personal items that you care about. Your family may need to know!


It’s never too early to plan for your family’s future – an emergence could occur at any time and it could be too late to provide them the "Things My Family Needs to Know". Many people prepare, in advance, by obtaining preneed or preplanned policies for their families. Even if you do not currently have such arrangements, Things My Family Needs to Know can be a life saver should an emergency happen. It’s never too early to put something in writing for them, believe me; they will thank you for it. Take the steps to ensure your family is protected by providing them with Things My Family Needs to Know today.


You may be wondering who needs to complete this planning booklet. “Things My Family Needs to Know” isn’t for any specific age group – in an emergency or crisis would you want Things My Family Needs to Know available so your family knows exactly what you intended? Provide a copy to your immediate family via e-mail, electronic file transfer or printed copy, whenever you update it! Do you want to leave a special message or specific instructions for someone special? But your will doesn’t seem to be the proper place? Things My Family Needs to Know is a great place to leave that personal note for your loved ones!
The Original updatable electronic record for your Personal Information.

Experiencing a family crisis could be the most difficult thing your family may ever go through. We want to help you prepare for the things your family needs to know, before it is necessary. Without having documentation on personal information, accounts, wishes, etc. it can add to the already trying times they will go through.

That’s why we have created this simple planning booklet, so you can provide most, if not all, of the important facts they may need during this challenging time.

We created an easily useable booklet that can be updated whenever personal details change. In the fast paced world we now live in, that can be often. Don’t put off another day “thinking about” it, that day could be tomorrow for your family! We know you will not want to leave their concerns unanswered or questions to chance. Take action today and provide them a document, that is easily to understand, update-able and that defines all the things your family needs to know. What legacy do you want to leave your family? I would want to know the things my family needs to know have been outlined for them in advance. ! Organization pricing available Contact Us for more information. Order your copy today